Costa de la Luz, Andalucía, Spain

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Costa de la Luz

Costa de la Luz is a priviledged area throughout the Atlantic Coast of Cádiz and Huelva. More precisely the Costa de la Luz extends from Ayamonte all the way to Tarifa. It's beautiful beaches and tourism are what bring life to its localities such as, Tarifa, Isla Cristina, Matalascañas, Zahara de los Atunes and Caños de Meca, to name a few.

Costa de la Luz Spain, above all, is a tourist location that offers a great number of possibilities, such as outdoor sports like kitesurf, windsurf, scubadiving and golf. You can also enjoy exploring the cultural routes with it's many monuments, hiking through natural parks, as well as an ample variety of bars and great restaurants to get a bite to eat or have a drink.

As far as nature on the Costa de la Luz is concerned, we must first mention the National Park of Doñana, which lies between Huelva and Cádiz. An idealic location where you can observe the Iberian Lynx in it's natural habitat, as well as hundreds of migrating birds. There are other natural parks to visit, such as La Breña, Marismas de Barbate, Estrecho, and Los Alcornocales (acorns), amongst others.

If you are looking for fun and leisure, without a doubt, Costa de la Luz is the perfect place for a vacation. It's golden sandy beaches, as well as nude beaches, are well equiped with all types of lodging accomodations, such as hotels, hostels, bungalows, aparthotels, and apartments. All this located in the shores of the Gulf of Cádiz and the Straights of Gibraltar, in southwestern Spain, which we consider one of the last paradises in Spain that tourism massification hasn't destroyed.

Costa de la Luz. From Tarifa to Ayamonte, passing through Conil, El Puerto de Santa Maria or Lepe. What are you waiting for? Make your reservations now and come enjoy your vacation in Costa de la Luz!!!


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  • Isolated golden sand beach. Facing the island of Sancti Petri, to which you can only access by boat. Ideal for...

    Novo Sancti Petri

  • Golden sand, crystal clear waters, high affluence of tourism, and water sports in the urban beach of Barbate.

    Casco Urbano de Barbate.

  • Urban golden sand beach. Tranquil waters, very concurred, and offers basic public services.

    Entre el Puerto Pesquero y la Isla de las Palomas.

  • Extensive golden sand beach. Ideal for surf lovers. Medium fluency, very basic services offered.

    El Palmar. Zona costera de Vejer. Entre Calños de Meca y Conil.

  • Extensive golden sand beach. Well equipped and frequently visited in winter by people practicing water sports....

    Costa Atlántica de Tarifa. Núcleo Urbano.

  • Beach surrounded by nature and sand dunes. Golden sands and numerous services for the public.

    Junto a la frontera con Portugal.

  • Beach located in a natural park. No services offered. It has a nice boardwalk, big lakes, and golden sands....

    Salida de Tarifa en Dirección Valdevaqueros.

  • Beaches formed by coves. Many nudist beach areas. Golden Sand. Devoid of services.

    Caños de Meca

  • Small semi-urban golden sand beach. Lots of vegetation and crystal clear waters. Medium affluence, minimal services.

    Zona Atlanterra.

  • Golden sand urban Beach. Highly affluenced and ideal to watch spectacular sunsets, enjoy a nice walk, and practice...

    Núcleo urbano de Conil.

  • Extensive golden sand beach that the municipalities of Tarifa and Barbate share. Well equipped, very concurred...


  • Golden sand beach. Medium occupation. Intense waves in this zone. Strong currents depending on the tide. Basic...

    Cartaya. Parque Natural de la Flecha.

  • Golden sand beach, frequently visited by tourists. High affluence. Water sports. All types of services, including...

    Puerto de Santa María. Núcleo Urbano.

  • Savage virgin beach. Ideal for practicing surf and windsurf. Medium-low affluence.

    Sureste de Conil.

  • Golden sand beach, with all types of sevices. Very concurred, and an important affluence of tourism.

    Núcleo urbano de Cádiz. Zona del Casco Antiguo y la Catedral.

  • Rural, rustic semi-urban beach. Size depending on the tide. High affluence, well equipped, handicap access.

    Conil. Zona norte.

  • Beach neighboring the Doñana Nacional Park. Golden sand and good service infrastructures.


  • Semi-urban beach surrounded by urbanizations. Very active in the summer. Golden sands


  • Urban golden sand beach. Large amount of services offered.

    Playa urbana. Núcleo urbano.

  • Golden sand beach. Good services, and great public affluence. Very extensive.

    Núcleo de Mazagón

  • Golden Sand Beach, semi-urban. Basic services. Very concurred.

    Cabo Roche

  • Golden sand beach. Crystal clear waters. Somewhat windy. Scarse affluence. Military zone.

    Entre Zahara y Barbate.

  • Semi-urban beach with handicap access. Very windy and large waves.

    La Barrosa.

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